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Congress Arizona

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The origins of Congress date back to the late 1800's, when the first mining operations began in the area.  Mining and Ranching put Congress on the map.  Well into this decade Congress remained a poor mining town.  But over the last couple years the nature of Congress has changed as more and more retirees' discover the wonderful climate and scenery the area has to offer.  Congress has also become a bedroom community to Wickenburg as the working class find the lower cost of housing preferable to the high prices in Wickenburg.  Congress is definitely a small town with a estimated population of 1200 people.  There are a few retail services offered like a small grocery store, a gas station ,and a dollar store, but otherwise Wickenburg is a 15 to 20 min. drive for retail services.  Congress is surrounded by public land and Mountains.  So the views are always great, the air is always clean, and climate is ideal most of the year.

Home and land prices in Congress are less than Wickenburg.




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Real Estate Community Info Visiting Wickenburg Contact Us Things to do

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