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Forepaugh, J-1, and Centennial Ranch


The Forepaugh area is very attractive to anybody looking for level usable land.  Forepaugh is not actually a town, but it is the name most people associate with the area, because of the proximity to the Forepaugh Land and Cattle Company, and also to Forepaugh Peak.  From the West end of Wickenburg Forepaugh is an uneventful drive 17 miles down Hwy 60.   The traffic is light and the speed limit is 65 so the drive goes by quick.  In contrast to the rocky rugged landscape around Wickenburg Forepaugh land is level, a lot less rocky.  It is prime horse property.  The minimum lot size is 5 acres and many parcels are larger.

 There are a number of new site built homes around the area, but many parcels do allow manufactured homes.  Virtually all the manufactured homes in the area are fairly new ground set models, and most all the properties show pride of ownership.  Prices of land in Forepaugh are much less per acre than in Wickenburg, and given the close proximity to Wickenburg it is a good alternative for many who find Wickenburg land too expensive, or too steep.

There are not any retail services in the Forepaugh area, so it is at least a 15 minute drive to the supermarket.

Forepaugh does offer good access to the desert.  The area offer great riding for horses, quads, jeeps, or dirt bikes, and also offers good hunting.  Lake Alamo is a reasonably easy drive, less than an hour to good fishing.


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