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Morristown Arizona

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Morristown is still a very small unincorporated town with very little in the way of retail services.  Wickenburg is just 9 miles to the west so residents of Morristown will frequently make the trip down Hwy 60, which is an easy to travel divided highway.  The location of Morristown is significant in a number of ways.  The Hassayampa river flows down from Wickenburg passing along the edge of Morristown, it is at this location that the river runs out into the flats, and the mountains pretty well come to an end.  Morristown is also the location where hwy 74 joins up with Hwy 60, and where Castle Hot Springs road takes off north in the Bradshaw Mountains.  Morristown is essentially at the point where you are officially leaving the valley that includes Phoenix and all its suburbs.  As Surprise, Sun City and Wittmann grow like crazy toward Morristown the distance into the city is definitely shrinking.  Currently it only takes about 20 minutes to get to most all the major services of the big city.

There are some expanses of privately held land on the valley side of Morristown, but other than that most of Morristown is surrounded by public land.  Morristown has a number of large custom homes, and ranches on acreage that are reminiscent of what is found in Wickenburg, but unlike Wickenburg the Morristown area does allow manufactured homes, so there are areas that have been subdivide down the minimum size of 1 acre, where there are a number of new manufactured homes. 



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