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Why we Love Wickenburg

We enjoy the quiet sunset evenings, the desert and living just close enough to Phoenix to enjoy the sports, entertainment and culture without having to live in the big city...our neighbors are still the rabbits, quail and coyotes.

Stop by and say hello next time you are "Out Wickenburg Way."

A smiling welcome in every greeting. Friendliness and the warm spirit of good neighborliness are as evident in Wickenburg as is the inexhaustible supply of sunshine that bathes the region. A real western tourist destination since 1863!

A visitor meets it at every turn, whether his mission leads him to business contacts with townspeople, or to the guest ranches where the most hospitable hosts in the world bid welcome.

Our sunny climate, magnificent sunsets, beautiful mountains and high desert terrain will fascinate you too.

We are proud of community's unique charms - our rich cultural diversity, western and southwestern architecture and many opportunities to experience the way of life "Out Wickenburg Way!"

Western hospitality is no catch-penny phrase here. As befits this truly western town, hospitality and friendliness are a charming part of the town's personality, as genuine and as real as the surrounding hills.

Wickenburg is a town where visitors are warmly welcomed whether the stay is an hour, week, month or season. It isn't important where you're from or who you are - the important thing is that you are here.


Arizona’s Most Western Community is Rich in Lore and Romance







Real Estate Community Info Visiting Wickenburg Contact Us Things to do

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